School Meals

Free Breakfast & Lunch Meals

Our Preschool offers breakfast and lunch for all students.  Children who attend the aftercare program receives an afternoon snack.  Parents/Guardians ALWAYS have the option of sending food for their child instead of having the District meal.  We serve breakfast for children who attends  the morning session, and lunch for children who attends the afternoon session.    

Breakfast and lunch are planned and prepared by the District Food Service.  Monthly menus are posted on the district's website. Special dietary needs can be accommodated if parents/guardians provide the required information and medical documentation.  

Meals both breakfast and lunch are FREE for ALL preschool students.

*All Families are required to fill out a free and reduced lunch application

How to apply for FREE Meals? 

Apply on Infinite Campus click on Free and Reduced Button Below. 

Families are always welcome to provide meals from home. Food items can NOT be heated and food must be labeled with student's name. 

Please contact Nicole Withee for questions related to the Free & Reduced Meals application.

FREE and Reduced lunch application

Lunch and Snack Menus

Food and Nutrition Service Contacts 

Name: Nicole Withee, RD
Title: Director of Nutrition Services
Phone: 303-806-7907 


Name:  Jan Donahoo
Title: ECE Maddox Kitchen Manager 

All meals are provided family style

Family style meal service allows staff and children to eat together, creating a relaxed environment. Also, this method is ideal for providing a conversational environment where children can not only develop good social skills but can also learn good eating habits.

Characteristics of family style meals

  • Food is placed on the table in serving bowls, plates, or baskets.

  • There are serving utensils for all food.

  • Everyone, including the adults, sit down and eat together.

  • Food is passed from one person to another.

  • Everyone serves himself or herself (child receives assistance as needed).

  • There is adequate food provided on the table for the children and adults.

  • Children may have second helpings.

  • Everyone participates in a pleasant social atmosphere.

  • There is opportunity to practice communication, cooperation and respect.