Family & Community Involvement

Family Events & Community-Building

At Preschool we view the family as the child's first teacher. We believe that ALL family members are a vital part of the success of children's education.  If you are an enrolled family, you will be able to participate in family events and workshops. Families will receive monthly resources focusing on monthly learning targets.

Family Events Dates 2021-2022 

Our family events are opportunities for families to get to know each other, learn about programming, receive resources, and educational activities. Please look at invitations for details information. 

Open House  - Thursday, August 19th, 2021

STEAM Night - Thursday, November 18th, 2021

Kindergarten Transition Night - Monday, January, 10th, 2022

Family Advocacy in Englewood Schools 

Families have the opportunity to be on advisory boards, use our family services liasons as well as our multidisciplinary special services team. Councils and teams work together to discuss a range of issues and provides resources and opportunities that promote successful families.

Questions? Please contact principal Leigh Pytlinski Phone: 303-806-2521 or Email:

Here are ways to be involved

CPP/State Advisory Council for Parent Involvement in Education (SACPIE)

What is SACPIE?

SACPIE was established in 2009 and is the State Advisory Council for Parent Involvement in Education. The Colorado General Assembly found that it was in:

"...the best interests of the state to create a state advisory council for parent involvement in education that will review best practices and recommend to policy makers and educators strategies to increase parent involvement in public education, thereby helping improve the quality of public education and raise the level of students’ academic achievement throughout the state." (C.R.S. § 22-7-301(2), 2012)

Family, School, and Community Partnership Definition: Families, early childhood programs, schools, and communities actively partnering to develop, implement, and evaluate effective and equitable practices to improve educational outcomes for children and youth.

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Our Preschool is thankful for your time and service to our students and staff. We do rely on the support of volunteers to help fulfill our mission of enriching the lives of our students. As a volunteer, there are many ways you can perform a meaningful role in providing quality-learning experiences: 

Please reach out to one of our Family Services Liaisons for ways to be involved

Michele Hughes 303-806-2494 or Lupe Claveria 303-806-2526

*Due to COVID we have limited In person Volunteer Opportunities

BEE Keeper Volunteers

ELA (Englewood Leadership Academy) Volunteers



Book Fair Volunteers


Lion's Club Volunteers - Vision Screening


Dental Presentations provided by Dentistry for Children, Littleton


Fire Safety provided by Englewood Fire Department

Vision Program provided by Lion's Club

A Father's Program - "The Bee Keepers" 

Please reach out to our Family Services Liaisons for ways to be involved

Michele Hughes 303-806-2494 or Lupe Claveria 303-806-2526

Grandparent Coffee Time

Please reach out to our Family Services Liaisons for ways to be involved

Michele Hughes 303-806-2494 or Lupe Claveria 303-806-2526


Library and Reading Volunteers



Dental Volunteers


Cooking Matter's Volunteers


Language Development Council (LDC) Englewood Schools

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The CLDE: English Language Development program supports Englewood Schools’ mission and strategic plan, by providing English Language Development services to multilingual learners, so that they are able to equitably participate in the K-12 educational system. The CLDE: English Language Development program is committed to providing multilingual learners with a culturally-responsive education that promotes English language acquisition, and academic success in the general education classroom.

CLDE: English Language Development Staff & Teachers

John Mcgough - EMS

Kristen McGrath - EHS

Courtney Hudgins - Cherrelyn

Natalie Sheiko - Clayton

Sarah Merchant-  Clayton 

Rachel Richards - Bishop

Lindsay Marino - Clayton / Charles Hay

Jessica Andersson Barbour - ECE Maddox

Amber Waderich - Spanish Translator

Clarice Fortunato - Family Liaison


District English Language Development (ELD) Plan Committee Members

Clarice Fortunato - Family Liaison

Alma Olaechea Teacher -EMS

Connor Bilkos Teacher -EMS

Emily Pote Speech Language -Charles Hay

Jamie Adams Teacher -Bishop

Alan Escobar -Parent

Miriam Dozeman -Parent

Additional Information 

CLDE: English Language Development Mission and Vision.     (Español)

CLDE: English Language Development Program Model.     (Español)

Identification, Entry, Monitoring, Redesignation and Exit.     (Español)

2020 CLDE District English Language Development Plan Guidebook (Español)

ELD Welcome Packet (English) (Español)


Do you have any questions and need information? Please contact school district coordinator or teachers