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Home and School Visits - Expect a call from your child's classroom teacher when enrolled at ECE Maddox. Classroom staff will schedule a home visit or virtual tour with new enrolled students.

Kindergarten Enrollment Information

You can find information about all four elementary schools, with links to their websites on the district Kindergarten webpage and you can also find all of the information that you need to register your child.  For an overview of each elementary school, check out this document.

2021-2022 Family Nights 

We invite ALL of you to join us!

Please talk with classroom teachers for detailed information.





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Curriculum Night


Please join us for “A Day in the Life of Preschool”

Family event at Englewood ECE at Maddox

WHAT:  Come and learn about our preschool curriculum by participating in a condensed version of your child's preschool day!


Full Day Classes: September 30, 2021 - Sign up in your child's classroom for 5:30 - 6pm or 6-6:30pm 

Part Day Classes:  October 1, 2021 for part day.  Teachers will share the times


Due to space constraints, only parents or guardians and the student are invited.  We cannot accommodate siblings at this event. 


To familiarize families with what and how their children are learning and to show families the structure of the classroom so that they can better understand what their children are talking about, learn the vocabulary of the classroom, and understand how the resources that are sent home apply to their child's day.


This is an opportunity for you to experience preschool the way that your child sees it.  Children often behave differently when their parents are in the room.  If you are concerned that your child will struggle with you there, it is fine for you to come without your child.  Please also give other parents and children grace.  Young children develop at different rates and every child has different strengths and learning goals.  At preschool, we embrace each child as an individual and support each child with their own "next steps".


Wear something comfortable!  Parents will experience a short circle time by sitting on the rug, like their children do, and learning the routine of the day.  The teacher will do a social-emotional lesson so that families can learn the vocabulary and meet some of the characters who help us to learn social-emotional skills.   Parents will "make a plan" for where to play and move through the centers to see how we learn through play and.  You may also participate in a short math lesson.  The entire overview will take about 30 minutes.

Open House

Thursday, September 19th, 2021

3:30 - 6:30 pm

Meet and greet staff and students at ECE! 

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Multilingual Family Night

Hosted by the CLDE Team at Clayton Elementary School

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

5:00-7:00 pm