How old does my child have to be to enroll?

Children who are 3 or 4 years old by October 1 can enroll in our preschool.

How soon should I submit an application?

Applications for preschool can be submitted all year. Enrollment is based on availability.

Can I visit ECE Maddox?

We host monthly family nights. We also offer program tours. If you are interested in attending a tour please contact us: 303-781-7585 or email: susan_calhoun@engschools.net

What are the qualifications of staff?

Most of our teachers have BA degrees and many have MA degrees. All of our faculty receive ongoing training through on-site coaching, monthly inservice training, workshops, and conferences.

Are you open in the summer?

Yes, we offer a summer program for currently enrolled students. Contact us for more information. 

What are your closure days?

We are closed for all major holidays, parent/teacher conferences, and for in-service trainings. Please see school calendar for specific closure  and holiday dates. 

Do children have to be potty trained?

No--children do not have to be potty trained to enroll in our program. We will support your child in the process of potty training. 

What will my child learn? 

  • School readiness skills:  social emotional skills,  thinking skills, listening to stories, recognizing name, counting, and early reading and writing skills
  • Social/emotional skills: identifying feelings, learning how to make friends, and learning how to take turns and share
  • Learning to be independent in activities such as dressing for outdoor play and taking care of personal belongings
  • Language skills: learning new words and how to use language to express ideas, wants, and needs
  • Thinking skills: problem-solving and focusing on activities