Early Learning - Play Based Preschool Program

The curriculum, instruction and assessment adopted by Englewood Early Childhood Preschool Program at Maddox meets all the standards outlined in the Colorado Early Learning and Development Guidelines, the Colorado Department of Education Academic Standards and School Readiness Criteria, and the Head Start Learning Outcomes. The Creative Curriculum model guides us as we plan and implement the preschool/childcare program. It emphasizes the process of learning. The curriculum adapts to children with a wide range of abilities and builds on their strengths and interests. It is a "hands-on" program with a focus on active involvement. 

Students' Learning Experiences 

  • We create a nurturing, challenging and rewarding experience by combining exceptional teachers, multi-age classrooms and small class sizes so children learn the following skills:
  • School readiness skills such as listening to stories, recognizing name, counting, and early reading and writing skills
  • Social/Emotional skills such as identifying feelings, learning how to make friends, and learning how to take turns and share
  • Independence through activities such as, dressing for recess and taking care of personal belongings
  • Learning new words and how to use language to express their ideas, wants, and needs
  • Thinking skills such as problem-solving and focusing on activities

Preschool Curriculum Supplements

We supplement the High Scope Curriculum model with other resources to ensure that we are fully preparing students for life:

Summary of Social/Emotional Resources used at ECE

Please click link to access social/emotional resources