School Wish List

In-Kind Donations

We are often looking for materials for the classrooms, the main office, or for particular projects.

Items currently on our wish list are the following:

What we need  Why we need it  Date Needed
Shaving Cream Sensory Play All year
Play sand Sensory Play All year
Moon Sand Sensory Play All year
Beans Sensory Play All year
Rice Sensory Play All year
Non-toxic shaving cream Sensory Play All year

Cream of tartar or Agar

Play dough ingredient All year
Food Coloring Play dough ingredient All year
White Glue Art & Crafts All year
Glue Sticks Arts & Crafts All year
Pipe cleaners Arts & Crafts All year
Stickers Arts & Crafts All year
Markers Arts & Crafts All year
Water Paint Arts & Crafts All year
Expo Markers Hand Writing All year
Painter's Tape  Arts & Crafts All year
Clear Tape Arts & Crafts All year
Boy Underwear size 4 & 5 Emergency Supplies All year
Girl Underwear size 4 & 5 Emergency Supplies All year
Pants size 4-5 Emergency Supplies All year
Shoes size 8 - 12 Emergency Supplies All year
Band aids Emergency Supplies All year
Tissue boxes Emergency Supplies All year
Velcro Display Art & Visuals All year


Donations can be brought to the ECE Main Office Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m - Thank you for your donation