School Building Information

outdoor playgroun


indoor playground


Our students and staff thrive as members of a vibrant learning community. Our new school building opened its doors in January of 2019. We offer innovative and inspiring indoor and outdoor learning spaces that promote engagement and learning for all children. 

  • Indoor Playgrounds
  • Outdoor Playgrounds
  • Learning Raised Gardens
  • STEAM Lab
  • Cooking Lab
  • Professional Development Room
  • Play-based classrooms
  • Family Resource Center
  • Community Room

Safety is Our Priority - Standard Response Protocol (SRP) 

  • To ensure the entire ECE Maddox Community is speaking the same language in terms of Safety and Emergency situations, the Standard Response Protocol will be followed by all staff, students, parents and visitors to our school building.  

  • Signage is located in all buildings throughout the district to help everyone know how to respond safely in each situation.  When you hear a SRP command, please LISTEN and RESPOND correctly for your safety and others. 

    There will be drills throughout the year to continue to train and prepare using the Standard Response Protocol (SRP).